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The Steve Hafle Advantage

Steve Hafle showing real estate buyers and sellers his real estate marketing approach on his laptop


· Better Homes and Gardens Big Hill Realty 309 N. Barron St. Eaton Ohio 45320


· Get maximum exposure for your home

· We put technology to work to sell your home

· Constant commun-ications, always know where you stand

· FREE comparative market
analysis; know the value
of your home

- Born and raised
in Preble

Steve Hafle

Better Homes and Gardens Big Hill Realty

Preble County Homes - 937-533-7406

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About Steve

The Competitive Edge

Steve Hafle of Better Homes and Gardens Big Hill Realty. Steve has the technical expertise and competitive edge to ensure you maximize your real estate opportunities. He has built a reputation for taking the time to educate his clients to ensure they make sound decisions throughout every phase of their real estate transactions. He has been known for working hard to do his part to protect his clients' futures. More than anything, Steve has proven to buyers and sellers, a dedicated individual committed to reaching uncompromised excellence yields positively incredible results. When you’re in the market to buy or sell a home in the Miami Valley, don't settle for less.  Get the trusted real estate name with the Competitive Edge.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Steve has dedicated himself to exceeding his own expectations, as well as, those of the people who put their trust in him. He wants his clients to know he understands how significant buying or selling a home is to families.  That's why more families trust his expertise as a leading real estate agent. His focus on technology for a competitive edge helps both buyers and sellers when they need to find the perfect home or sell their property quickly. Steve knows just how important the decision to purchase or sell can be. Whether you are buying your first home, moving up to a larger residence or selling your existing property, Steve will treat your investment as if it were his own and provide you with the competitive edge and attention you deserve.

On Common GroundSteve Hafle signature red truck.

For Steve helping families find the perfect home gives him great personal satisfaction, it’s also a reflection of his own personal family values. He knows and understands just how important family is and for Steve, family is always his first priority both in his personal life and in his business. Whether Steve is gathered together with his family for weekend cookouts playing corn hole and horseshoes, or off enjoying his own personal family pursuits, he knows the most important part of these outings is just being with his family. For this leading business man, family is always his number one priority. It is this passion for family that drives his success as a leading real estate agent.

Technology – What Makes Steve Tick

Let me let you in on a little secret. If you want to get Steve excited about a topic, talk about technology.

Steve has achieved an advanced level of knowledge and accumulated a room full of technology toys that would make Bill Gates envious. His home office looks like mission control at NASA.

There is a method to his madness. Steve’s advanced computer skills allow him to take full advantage of the technology required to properly service your needs in today’s highly competitive real estate market. He is your competitive advantage.

Get to Know Steve Hafle – Your Competitive Advantage

No one will work harder for you to achieve results. If you or anyone you know is looking to buy or sell real estate, don’t hesitate to contact Steve Hafle today at 937-533-7406 or click the link below and test him to see how fast he can get back with you -- you will be surprised!

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Steve Hafle

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Steve & Peggy

How to Pronounce Steve's Last Name

Steve's last name,   Hafle, sounds like "Hay" and "Flee".

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